For primitive people inanimate object, which is religiously honored and they attribute to him supernatural power.

It is a connection of sexual desire with objects or parts ofa persons of the opposite sex.

Cash commoclity fetish; From the evoluation of surface exchange processes as a fundametal charateristic of brand productions.

VENUS – was worshiped thausends of years ago.
BEAUTY – fatal if you aren't beautiful and appreciated.
BURJ AL ARAB – where is the oil, there is money. It is all luxury.
BILL GATES – gave us a golden dream.
BLACK IS THE LAW. You can not ask for it. You can not buy it. But some Slovenes have it.
MANGA COMIC AND KAIKAIKIKI VIDEOGAMES - The first is a comic, the other is a videogame, with which japanese businessmen pay.
SHOES – Sigmund Freud wrote: A high-heeled shoe is for a woman a substitute for penis. But for those shoes woman must have beautiful and long legs.