Novels could be written on art, therefore it is hard to sum it up in a few sentences.

Art is made up of everything that an artist creates: various sculpture and painting techniques, artistic knowledge and ideas, and finally the works an artist executes.

Art is elusive and offers an infinite range of difference. Expressing oneself through art media can be direct. It is not merely chasing after awards and recognition.

An artist creates his work from the heart, doing what he feels.


What do we see?

Do you know Brancusi's bird?

American customs officers did not know what to do with Brancusi's Bird

After giving it some thought they imposed the standard tariff for manufactured objects of metal:

40 percent of the sale price, or $240 (about $2,400 in today’s dollars).

So much for abstract art.

Who and what purpose does it serve?

It is directed at viewers, critics, everyone.

The egg – sculpture could be defined in a different manner. We can see a compact, rounded stone enclosing space.

We do not see the Bird, we see the Egg. Once again, we deal with the question which came first the chicken or the egg.

This is art. An artist has an idea, which he executes and shows to the public, leaving the viewers with a dilemma of how to interpret and understand it.



Art is a trade, only on a much higher level.

Manual work, the foundation of human civilizations, connects the eye and the hands.

Artists follow new trends and technologies. The essence of art does not lie in the product- a work of art, but in the creative process.

The result is a specific redefinition of reality, a new existence.